a3平板打印机日常维护必看 Daily maintenance


Daily maintenance


Everyday before you print, you must suction ink from waste ink tube, then cleaning head automatically by press ink button 5s, then print nozzle check, if the nozzle ok, then you can print well !!!

  1. 机器必须每天开机清洗一次2-3天必须要打印一次,否则会导致喷头堵塞
  2. 长按墨滴键7秒或者软件里面墨头清洗
  3. 如长时间不用机器请现在长时间不用如何保养视频 https://share.weiyun.com/52HXXRv(手动清洗喷头可能会造成喷头穿透或者损坏导致主板烧毁)请酌情清洗。

Please make sure that the machine you have do automatic cleaning and do suction ink from waste ink tube everyday, and must print one time at least two to three days. Otherwise, it will cause print head blocking.

WD40 oil

WD40 oil

  • 客户最好每2-3天给字车导轨, 平台导轨,丝杆上点WD-40除锈油,以免阻力大,机器开机就会报错;

In order to reduce resistance, you’d better spray WD-40 oil and sewing machine oil on carriage unit Guide Shaft very 2-3 days; otherwise it will happen flash red when start the machine ;

  • 托盘处的滑轨上也定期加油,如果滑轨阻力大,托盘将不移动,或者影响打印精度

What’s more, we should add WD-40 oil on the track that to make the print tray go through, if the track resistance is big, the tray will not move, it will affect the print precision too


There are four screw rod holding the printer, please add WD40 oil also.

  • 纸巾沾点酒精在光栅条上来回擦拭几遍,尤其是字车原始位置。

Use tissue with the alcohol to scrub the encoder strip, try scrub it several times,especially the carriage unit original position.(One press ink button, when the carriage move to opposite side, you can remove the power line directly, then you can move the printer head on opposite part)

  • 接受新机培训必须要有一个固定的操作人员,此人要略懂机器和Photo shop, 随便更换操作人员会造成不必要的损失。

The person who accept training need understand the machine well and can operate Photo shop, do not change the operator frequently, otherwise it will cause unnecessary damage.